ole dawg like we


and one of the teachers who used to be in cirque du soleil (there’s more than one and a few who are still performing with them -_-) got about 50 tickets to Varekai, so on Friday I’ll see my first cirque show for free…

Ola Billgren, Nattlig växt III [Nocturnal plant III], 1991.

blastedheath mother-shoulditrustthegovernment

director is letting me train for free. things are getting serious

feels good to be an island

i can feel the muscles in my back knitting together and shifting my bones around. it feels good. my shoulders are light

i may be featured in an episode of cuny tv -_-

my flying instructor is an old Latino man. he flew for 46 years until one day he felt weak and found out he had heart problems. I’ve never really had a coach before, but this guy is honest

flying again today! 

ballet is a shitload of fun

I don’t know. maybe I should make time for relationships. anyway, I’m taking my first ballet class today -_- not by choice

Kamilla Lucarelli, Ink & watercolour, 2012

mydarkenedeyes wacheltheturtle

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